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Financing is Available

Pro-Insulation offers financing that is available upon request for all services. Call us today to find out more information on financing.

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Federal Tax Credit

Add to your home insulation now and get a tax credit up to $500.

Federal Energy Savings Tax Credit Details:

  • Tax credit applies to “qualified energy efficient improvements” purchased and installed between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2016 for the taxpayer’s principal residence in the United States.
  • Tax credit is for the cost of the product only and does not include installation costs. Be sure
  • to ask for a sales receipt that shows the cost of the product only.
  • Tax credit is 10% of the amount paid for the product up to a maximum of $500 for 2011 – 2016.
  • Claim the tax credit associated with your qualifying purchase on your federal tax filing.

State and Local Utility Rebates

Many state & local utility companies are also offering rebate/incentive programs to their customers. This affords you the ability to increase your homes energy efficiency at little or no cost.

These state & local utility rebates can be taken in addition to or with the Federal Tax Credit.

We encourage you to review the information on the site link below as well as contact your local gas and power utility companies to find out what rebate/incentive programs are available to you.

Click the following link for more information on Local Utility rebate/credit info:

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